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Important Notice

We are excited to announce the planned release of IMF SDMX Central on Tuesday November 1, 2016 at 10.00 EST, replacing all existing IMF SDMX tools. The IMF will provide more detailed information about the new IMF SDMX Central closer to its release.


For all users who have implemented automated registrations, using the NSDP web services, please note that the existing NSDP web service URL of https://registry.imf.org/ws/rest will be replaced with https://sdmxcentral.imf.org/ws/secure/sdmxapi/rest.

For ESTAT users we are also upgrading the Fusion Cloud Registry running at registry.sdmxcloud.org to Fusion Registry9. This update will also take place on November 1st 2016.


Both IMF Central and Fusion Cloud Registry will include integrated validation and transformation services, and will replace the Fusion Cloud Data Service.

Fusion Cloud Data Service offers a free data validation service for SDMX datasets, available to all users. Multiple levels of validation are performed ensuring the data is well formed, structurally valid, and valid with respect to additional data reporting rules as defined by the data collector.

Data validation is performed against structures as defined in the Fusion CloudRegistry .

For Premium Account users, the service additionally supports mapping a loaded dataset to the required Data Structure (e.g. an International DSD) based on mapping rules that you can configure in Templates and Mapping. Additionally a dataset can be exported in any of the supported formats (SDMX/CSV/XLSX). This makes the task of reporting your data according to an Internationally accepted format effortless.


The service enables users to create and store templates which define relationships between their own delimited data formats and existing data structures as defined in the Fusion Cloud Registry.

Templates are used to define the columns in existing CSV or XLSX data files. Mapping relationships, which are authored in Excel, provide the rules on how the internal dimensions and coding schemes relate to a known data structure, such as that specified by International Organisations.

To enquire about supporting transformation from other data formats, please contact support.


To facilitate automation of data validation and transformation, Fusion Cloud Data provides a command line client which securely connects and streams data to and from the service.

The command line client is a platform independent application which requires no installation. Batch scripts (Windows) and shell scripts (UNIX) files are provided as part of the client, providing a simple solution to integration validation and transformation into your business process.

The data are fully encrypted from client to server over the HTTPS protocol, and no data are stored on the server, ensuring confidentiality is maintained.